Secured Loans

Have some cash in your savings or CD? Our Secured Loan will not only will earn you dividends but can reduce your loan rate and help build your credit.

A Smart Loan Choice

A fully-secured personal loan allows you to borrow against funds in your own savings or certificate accounts. Using your savings as collateral gets you a significantly lower rate — nearly half that of an unsecured personal loan.

  • The fixed rate for all members and terms is 4.00% APR*

  • Terms available up to 60 months

  • Funds used as collateral are incrementally made available to as the balance of the loan decreases

  • Secured loans do not require a credit check or proof of income

Let us help you improve your credit score today! Contact a loan officer with any questions. 

*APR=Annual Percentage Rate. Members must have the funds available in their account to use as collateral for a secured loan.