Receive your statement electronically for convenient service.

By signing up for e-Statements, you can view and download your account statements securely through Online Banking. We will send you an email to let you know when your e-Statement is available, usually the first of the month!

Once enrolled in Online Banking, you can access your e-Statements directly from within the online banking site. Select the "E-Statements" option under the "Online Services" tab. From here, you can view, download and print your e-Statement at your convenience!


  1. Your statement is available the first of the month and you won't have to wait until the paper statement gets mailed out to you.
  2. E-Statements are more secure; you can eliminate the possibility of losing your paper statement.
  3. You can access your E-Statements directly through your Home Banking account. 
  4. You can go back to previous months' statements if needed. 

You must be enrolled in online banking in order to sign up for e-Statements.

If you have any questions about viewing your statement electronically, contact a representative today.