Audio Teller

For those times when your computer is out of reach, you can access your accounts by phone using our 24/7 Audio Teller.

Audio teller is a 24/7 automated phone service that provides immediate and unlimited access to your accounts. This service is simple to use, and Audio Teller is never busy!

Dial Audio Teller at (855) 726-9036


Your Eagle One account number will serve as your "member id” number and your "personal identification number" is the 4-digit PIN you provided when you signed up for this service. (Note: Please do NOT use the same PIN as your ATM/Debit Card.)

  • For balances - press 1
  • For inquiries - press 2
  • For statement info - press 3
  • For transactions - press 4
  • For a different account - press 5
  • To change your PIN - press 6

Would you rather use your smartphone? Learn more about our mobile app options.

When you enroll in Audio Teller, you will create your own PIN. You can also contact a representative to sign up for other convenient ways to check your account.

You will need both your account number and your 4-digit PIN to access audio teller. If you have forgotten your 4-digit PIN, please contact a representative to have it reset.