Consolidating Debt

We want to help you decrease your debt with a few different options.

Having debt can add stresses to your life. We want to make sure our member's have the tools to try to eliminate or decrease different debts they may have whether it be student loan debt, or credit card debt, we hope to help!

Lending Options

  • Personal Loan – An Eagle One personal loan goes up to a maximum of $10,000 which can be a great tool to pay off some debt you may have a receive a better interest rate.
  • Home Equity Loan – Use the equity in your home to pay off a larger expense you may have.

Set up automatic payment with us so you're payment automatically comes out of your Eagle One account!

GreenPath Financial

We have a great partnership with GreenPath Financial for money management/counseling services. If you're stressed about credit card debt, GreenPath may work with your creditors to develop a mutually agreeable payment plan to stop collection calls, lower interest rates and save you lots of money.

GIVE THEM A CALL AT 877-337-3399.

Visit our Money Management page for further tips!

If you have any further questions about consolidating your debt, contact us.